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My dog had an emergency a c section and spay on ...

Resolved Question:

My dog had an emergency a c section and spay on monday, the surgeon said everything went wonderful and sent her and her puppy home that day. On Tuesday "Lola" would not eat and could not walk. She seemed to have lost all control of her bowel and blatter. She constantly was biting at her butt and was terribly uncomfortable. I had an apoinment with my own vet (not the one that did the surgery) that afternoon so I took her there. He did two Xrays and saw that her bladder was extreemly inlarged and she was also full of bowel. He cathitorized her to drain the blatter and sent us home. The next day Lola was much worse, now the only thing she would do was bite at her hind end and leak drops of blody poop everywhere. When I would wipe her I could feel her rectum constantly pumping non stop. I saw our vet that day and he decided to do a warm water enima along with another set of xrays. After we got home that evening she was even worse and starting to get even more anciouss and uncomfortable, at this point I was exhaused and paniced. I called our vet at home and he strongly suggested I take her back to the Pet ER where the surgery was done. He felt there were no acute symptoms and there had to be something that went wrong with the surgery. Four days and $2,500 later I was back at the same place I started hearing the same surgeon tell me they were going to have to open her back up. They did the surgery and found that "Uterian Stump Adhesions" were present. I am very concerned about my Lola because she is still pooping bloody direah, still at the ER hospital and now they are saying I owe them MORE money! My Question: Are Uterian Stump Adhesions caused by surgical error? Can someone please help me!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Mike replied 9 years ago.


I am very sorry to hear of your little dog's plight. I know that you must be extremely frustrated and worried.

To answer your question directly, I can't recall ever seeing any documented evidence to suggest that adhesions are caused by surgical error. Adhesions usually form when there is some sort of trauma to the organ involved. The uterus gets a little 'angry' and inflamed, and inflammatory reaction sets up on the uterus, but if the uterus is in contact with the abdominal wall, the inflammation involves both. This causes the two to become adhered.

When reading your post, I wonder if maybe your dog has had a little neurologic damage. If she had been straining hard for a period of time, or if the puppy were very large and pressing on the body wall in just the right (wrong?) way, there may have been some inflammation along the nerves, leading to her not urinating and being uncomfortable. The bloody diarrhea can conceivably be a result of the stress of the attempted natural birth and the c-section, along with changing hormones.

I hope that this is somewhat helpful. Good luck with your little girl. Please do not hesitate to reply if there are any other questions or concerns that I might help with.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Dr. Mike, Thank you for your time. I just would like to make sure you know that the uterus was removed during the c section and the uterine stump adheised to the bladder which in turn caused all these problems. I asked the Dr. Last night what exactly was the cause of the adhesions and how did the surgery fix it. The Dr. said that it is an option to wrap the organs in this stuff that will prevent adhesions, in Lola's case, this was not a step that was taken; in conclusion Lola had to have a surgery to fix the adhesions and then the organs were wrapped in the wrap and now they say because of the wrap it will not happen again. To me it seems that this would not have ever happened had they taken this very important step the first time. I would appreciate your honest oppinion as soon as you can. Thank you for all your help.
Expert:  Dr. Mike replied 9 years ago.


I have heard of wrapping the organs in some of the mesentary to prevent adhesions, but this is usually done when there is a concern that they will occur (for instance in a chronically inflamed organ, or one that has had multiple surgeries). I cannot recall having seen a veterinarian in general practice perform this procedure.

I hope that this resolves the problem. Good luck with her.


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