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Scott, veterinarian
Category: Dog
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My 5 year old pomeranian has flaky skin, like dandruff. He ...

Customer Question

My 5 year old pomeranian has flaky skin, like dandruff. He also scratches so much on the upper part of his legs he has scratched the hair off. There are a few small bumbs under the skin when I rub him I feel them. He often licks the carpet/blankets. Also above his eyes are some bumps with hair loss. Why? What can I do to soothe him?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Scott replied 8 years ago.

Hi, sorry you are having these difficulties. This is not a problem that can be diagnosed over the internet, nor can specific treaments be given or discussed without a diagnosis. That being stated we can counsel and give you some generall information that may facilitate you getting a diagnosis and treatment. May I ask you how long this has been going on? Has the dog been exposed to other dogs and where is most of the itching? Dandruff and flaky skin take a little while to develop..where did you first notice the condition.

Thank You

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the dandruff started at the base of his tail. possibly two months dandruff. I had a roommate with a pit bull for approx 2 months but he is gone. the hair loss is at the top of the two front legs, interior. he has chewed a little between his toes. the bumbs above his eyes started yesterday evening.
Expert:  Scott replied 8 years ago.

The classic cause of hair loss on the tailhead with itching is fleas. Make sure 100% the dog doesn't have fleas! I can not tell you how many times clients come into the office saying "no fleas" and we find them with a flea comb. That being declared, if the pit bull was a puppy (or adult) he may have introduced mange, a fungus or even a bacterial disease.

The basic tests that some vets might perform would be 1) general exam, 2) flea combing 3) sometimes a skin scraping, which is a test to look for mange mites. There are several types of mange that dogs can get..some mites are easily found, some are not ...There is even a type of mange that makes a dog scaly and it usually is right down the center of the back!

If your not finding fleas...definately get an exam. Some types of mange are even contagious to people, some types aren't, it may be up to a competent and concerned vet to solve this for you.

There are a myriad of other causes as well...

Expert:  Scott replied 8 years ago.
Licking may or may not be related. It can be a behavioral problem, discomfort, pica (eating dirt and abnormal items), nutritional issues and many other things. One thing I have discovered with dogs is many times when you fix the main problem, some of the behaviors and little problems go away. These little guys can have all kinds of little troubles, maybe your vet will advise a blood panel and fecal exam as well.