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Please help. My neighbors dogs nails are falling off and ...

Resolved Question:

Please help. My neighbors dogs nails are falling off and bleeding. I have told my neighbor and he egnores this. At first it was just one and now it is many. What could this be? I will carry him to the vet myself if I need to. Please help. The dog is a 2year old boxer. He seems sad and in pain. Could this be a fugus or ilness? I have three dogs and I have never scene this before. This dog visits often and now he just lays down a lot and limps. I know it is not from triming his nails. This started slowly over two weeks time and the nails hang for a day or more before coming off and bleding. Thanks!!!!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  UKVETJH replied 9 years ago.


This is a rare problem, bt we do see it occasionally. he dog may have a persistent nail bed infection, but it is more likely a disorder called systemic lupoid onychodystrophy - which is an immune mediated disorder that nrmaly affects the nails on all four feet and is very painful, making the dog pretty miserable.

It definitely requires veterinary treatment with antibiotics - I usually use oxytetracycline - and painkillers. In extreme circumstances some vets actualy remove the nails, but this is quite drastic.

I have emclosed a link which explains the problem in a little more detail:

I hope this helps,


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to UKVETJH's Post: Thank you so much. I reviewed the journal photos and I do think this looks similar. This dogs nails look much worse. Some nails are hanging off and bleeding a little. I am going to risk my neighbors friendship and take the dog to the vet Monday. Is there anything I can give him for pain like aspirin now? I now I need to be cautious of bleeding. It is only a small amount. I will call my neighbor and let him know this and what I am going to do if he does not agree to take the dog. Thanks again!!!