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Dr. K
Dr. K, Veterinarian
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white stool for puppy

Resolved Question:

I have a litter that has white stool and are losing weight I have tried spectimycin and biosol but nothing seems to help.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
How many puppies are in the litter?
How old are they now?
Are all of them having white stool?
Are there stools formed and firm, or are they having diarrhea?

Dr. K
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have 3 litter and 3 in one litter 2 in another litter and 7 in the last litter i raise bulldog pup's and lab's so this is not new to me but never seen anything like this normaly spectamycin does the trick but its not touch this issue and with the white runny stool some times foam. they are 2 weeks to 7 weeks depending on the litter and yesss on the diarrha and we have used immodium and that doenst seem to slow it up and they have lost about 25% of there body weight.
Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
And every single pup is affected?
Is the stool itself white in color, or are they having brown diarrhea with some white foam in it?
Have you been deworming the pups on a schedule? If so, what are you using?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Yes, all the pups have been affected, seems to be contagious and has spread to all of them over a 7 day period. The pups are wormed at 2, 3, 4 weeks with Pyrantel and 6 weeks with Safeguard for 3 days.

The stool itself is white, sometimes foamy, sometimes mucousy. That could be changing depending on the reaction from the Immodium?

We have noticed it starts with a sluggishness in behavior and loss of appetite, then within 12 hours the diarrhea starts.

Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
This does not sound good at all. Clearly, if all of these puppies have been affected over the course of a week, then it is either an infectious or environmental cause (something they are being fed, medicated with, supplemented with, etc....). I would find the idea that it is food much less likely, as I am assuming that many of these puppies are still nursing exclusively.
Acholic feces (white stool) is a specific indication of lack of bile in the intestines. This is almost always due to obstruction of the flow of bile out of the liver. So, I am concerned that your dogs all have some type of infectious disease that is attacking their livers. Since this diarrhea does not respond to any of the commonly used medications for diarrhea, and it is white, this is clearly an indication that this is serious and requires veterinary intervention.
I recommend that you take at least a few of these puppies into a vet as soon as possible to have them examined, and be sure to bring samples of stool from many of them. The vet will want to examine the stools grossly and send them in for analysis, and will most likely run some bloodwork to see if your dog's are suffering from liver problems. The treatment and prognosis for your pups is really going to depend on whatever the underlying cause of this is .
I hope that this information is of help to you, and I wish you the best of luck with all of your puppies. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Dr. K
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I have talked with my vet about the stool sample and the blood work but thats day's or week away and puppy's don't have that time, if its infection of the liver what would be the normal med give for this type . give me some type of answer instead of take it to a vet and run test. i knew that before I sent the question. I have been raising pup's for years and bottle feed many 1000's and have not seen this. prognosis for your pup is rreally going to depend on the underlyiing cause. yep I knew that too what I don't know is what does it sound like the underlying cause is.

Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
I already told sounds like the underlying cause has something to do with their livers. Infectious diarrhea that causes acholic feces is certainly not common...and since your puppies have lost 25% of their body weight, they are in pretty serious condition. Their is absolutely nothing that I can tell you to do at home for these pups that you have not already done. This may not be the answer that you were hoping to hear...but it is my answer. These puppies need veterinary attention ASAP. I am not sure that I understand why taking them to the vet would be "days away". If what is affecting them is a virus...there is no antibiotic to give them that is going to make them all better. Nobody can diagnose what is wrong with your dog's over the internet without seeing them. The best that any of us can do is to take into consideration the inforamtion that you provide, and then give you the best medical advice possible.
I am sorry that you are unsatisfied with the answer. I will opt out so that someone else can look at your question and see if they can give you more of the answer that you were looking for.

Good luck,
Dr. K
Dr. K and 3 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

there stools are not alway white. now some of them are yellow and some are brown but still have diarrhea. and when we have sent stool in before and the vets have to send them to the univers. then its day's before we know something. and white stool can also be from not processing there food mal obsortion.



Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
I have opted out of this question, as you are unsatisfied with my answer. It has not changed. I am leaving it open for other experts to answer.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
must of been a tough question. because I didn't get a answer only that I need to see a vet.