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Vetsurg, Veterinary Surgeon
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Veterinarian for 17 years, board certified Veterinary Surgeon since 2002
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last week my dog hind legs started having spasms and had ...

Resolved Question:

last week my dog hind legs started having spasms and had difficulty walking. now he is dragging his bottom and can''t barely climb stairs, walk, or stand for any length more than i minute. he is still eating some and drinking normally.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Vetsurg replied 9 years ago.
Hi ichtruutoo,
From what you are describing, it sounds like your dog may have ruptured a disc in his back. This is the most common reason for these symptoms.
This is an emergency that should not wait to see if it gets better, or for a more convenient time. I advise that you seek an emergency clinic as soon as possible, otherwise there is the possibility of permanent or irreversible paralysis in your dog.
Intervertebral disc disease is a serious condition where one of the disks between the vertebrae in your dog's back has ruptured and is causing pressure on your dog's spinal cord. When this happens, your dog may the lose ability to feel and move his back legs (if it happens in his thoracolumbar spine). When severe enough, emergency surgery is necessary to prevent permanent damage to the spinal cord. With surgery, many dogs do well, but it may take a few weeks to recover from this.
Other causes of what you are describing include FCE (an embolism to the blood vessels of the spinal cord), a tumor (less common in a 4 year old dog, but possible), fracture or trauma to the spine (also an emergency), as well as infectious causes.
Please contact an emergency veterinarian ASAP to have your dog evaluated. Time is a critical factor with this type of problem.
I hope your dog is OK, please seek help right away!
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