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My westie puppy of 9 months has just come home from ...

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My westie puppy of 9 months has just come home from the hospital and is on medication antepsin 20ml 3 x daily for 2 wks and Zitac tabs 3 x daily for 2 wks and also her diet has been changed to a light diet 3 x daily, but tonight she has tried to pass a motion and is screaming with pain. The first time she managed to pass some, but this last time she has held it in. I want to know if there is any side effects to the medication she is on or does Tess need to straight back to the vets? A Very Concerned Sarah

Hi Sarah

Antepsin and Zitac are often used in combination to treat gastritis in dogs. The Zitac acts to reduce the gastric acid production and the Antepsin works by producing a protective layer over the stomach lining. They are both well tested compounds that can safely be used in puppies. Screaming when trying to pass a stool will certainly not be related to either of these drugs, However it may well be indirectly related to the stomach upset that had required her to be treated.

The pain could result from one of two reasons. Firstly she may be a little constipated. If the stool she had first passed seemed a little hard this is a likely reason. If that first stool was soft or loose then it may be that she has strained on an empty bowel because it feels inflamed. So she feels something is there but there actually isn’t so the straining is unproductive and hurts her. Puppies are very sensitive to pain and can react quite vocally even though it may not be a serious problem.

If the straining/crying has now stopped (after perhaps 15 minutes) I would give her more time and continue with the vet’s instructions. If you think she is a little constipated it would not hurt to apply a little Vaseline (or a water soluble human lubricant) to her bowel opening so that it might assist her to pass a motion.

Watch for diarrhea and contact your vet if this happens. I would certainly get her back down to your vet if she is still crying after 30 minutes and he/she will be able to check to see if there is any obstruction.

Don’t worry too much, it will not be serious, but it needs to be watched, we don’t want her pain to continue.

Please let me know how she gets on.

Regards, Peter

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The first stool was normal, but there was blood over it, as I said she tried to pass the second, but hassn't and was screaming and I mean screaming as with the first, but the screaming the first time stopped when she'd passed the stool and again the screaming stopped when she'd stopped straining. I understand that she might be trying to pass when there is nothing there as she hasn't eaten much since she came home.
The reason why she was taken to the vets was she had got my ibuprofen tablets and chewed them and so suspected of digesting some and as you can apprieciate, best to be on the safe side. I will take your advice about the lubricant I had thought about that earlier but wasn't sure if I should use it.
Kind regards Sarah
Yes, it is now clearer to me.
Ibuprofen ingestion can be very serious in dogs, particularly puppies. Gastritis and gastric ulceration are likely sequele. That expalins the Zitac and Antepsin. There can also be bleeding from the bowel further down from the stomach. If she has passed fresh-looking blood on her stool then this is probably the case. The pain may also be due to a sore bowel in this case.
You must now monitor her very carefully. If she passes more blood you must definitely contact your vet. Watch for any signs of weakness, severe lethargy. if you have been instructed to give her food and she has eaten that is a good sign, but if she vomits the food back you must also contact your vet. Intravenous fluid therapy is often indicated due to dehydration.
Please keep me informed of her progress.
Dr Pete and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
She has had the intravenous fluids at the vets she was in their hospital for two nights. She has eatern a little at home and kept it down no vomiting thank god, it was the blood that freaked me out. I'm worried now that she might have problems further down from her stomach as you said. I don't have vaseline but I have KY jelley is that ok?
She seams herself at times but then she goes off on her own and sleeps. We went for a walk earlier and she was running about as she normally does but then friends came round that she knows and nothing, no fussing, and that's not her.
Yes Sarah
KY is perfect. Look at her anus, see if it looks red or sore. If this is the case the KY may still help. The KY is only a precaution in case she is a bit constipated. I think now that the pain is more likely to relate to the bowel inflammation/bleeding.
The fact that she has held food and is running around is an excellent sign. Vomiting is the most serious signs with this type of intoxication. But chronic blood loss from a bleeding inflammation or ulceration is also very important. Fresh blood (from the bowel) will look just like blood, it is obvious. Blood from higher up, from the stomach in particular will degenerate on the way through and appear as a jet black stool, so watch for this too.
Keep in touch, Peter
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much you have calmed me down, which means I can take better care of Tess. Your a Star Boy!! Thank you so much Love
Sarah & Tess (Newcastle England)

Ps I will keep you informed xx
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much you have calmed me down, which means I can take better care of Tess. Your a Star Boy!! Thank you so much Love
Sarah & Tess (Newcastle England)

Ps I will keep you informed xx
Thank you.
You are a far cry from my neck of the woods (Melbourne, Australia)