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Dr Harrison
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My dog has a round hole in his side and I squezzed it and ...

Customer Question

My dog has a round hole in his side and I squezzed it and some type of larve came out can you tell me what it is and what to do about it?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Harrison replied 9 years ago.

Important Information…the advice I am providing is solely based on the information you are giving me. To accurately diagnose and treat a patient, a veterinary doctor-patient relationship is required. Before I can tell you what is wrong, I must see you pet and perform an examination. Over the internet, your description may be misleading and you may not see what a trained veterinarian would see. Therefore, the advice I give you is not to be taken as 100% accurate. I can tell you how I have treated cases in the past with similar symptoms and you must make a decision whether you want to follow my advice or not. This service is not a substitute for visiting your vet. With that in mind, let us start…

Depending upon what type of fly placed its eggs in the dogs skin wound, you are looking at a maggot or fly larvae. The dog could have had a small wound and the flies lay eggs in the tissue. Some of these larvae can be an inch or so in length and 1/4 inch thick.
What you should do is clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and try to flush it out with a chlorhexidine solution. If the dog will allow, you can try to probe the wound with a tweezer to make sure no more larvae are in there.
A visit to the vet would be recommended to follow up and perhaps antibiotics are indicated.
Your dog probably has a heavy coat and under the coat, the skin could become infected due to moisture and bacteria. This is a perfect medium for the parasites.

Here is a link that may help explain in more detail. I must caution you that I have not reviewed this link and unless it is written by a veterinarian, the information can't be held to be medically accurate. But just to give you information that might help here it is:

One type of fly is called Cuterebra

If you find my answer helpful, please click "Accept". Bonuses are always appreciated. It was a pleasure responding to your question and follow ups are welcome.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr Harrison's Post: Because I have found 2 identicle holes on opposite side of his mid body should I be concered that there are alot more and that my other dogs will have the same problem?
Expert:  Dr Harrison replied 9 years ago.
I don't know how many you may find. You must thoroughly check all your dogs carefully and treat the wounds the same as I have described above. The areas may need to be shaved and you may need to wash your dogs with a cleansing shampoo to kill the bacteria on their skin. In the future, try to inspect their skin by running your fingers through their coats looking for infections, moisture and wounds. Make sure the dogs are up to date on vaccines, have their stool checked for parasites and checked for heartworm disease if you live in a region where heartworm is a problem. Some of these fly larvae may invade the body and cause internal problems.