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My cat has little raised bumps on her ears. They are ...

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My cat has little raised bumps on her ears. They are not having any discharge but there are scabs as she has been scratching at her ears. I had our other cat to the vet last week with very similar symptoms as the doctor said that he probably had allergies. His bumps have gone away. I have just moved last month to a new apartment just to give some background.

Hi thereCustomer

Thank you for your question regarding your cat with bumps on her ears! There are a number of things that could potentially cause this from allergies (as your Vet has told you) to cat fight wounds, cat acne or even self inflicted scratches from having itchy ears! Feline acne is much less likely as we generally only see this on the lower lip and chin - however this does present as tiny lumps as you have been seeing on your cats ears. It is also possible these lumps are either self inflicted or from a cat fight (perhaps with your other cat - but again less likely!). For this reason, wiping the ears with warm salty water, or preferably Chlorhexidine solution from your local Veterinary clinic will help clear these up. If the scabs are quite significant then she may need a short course of antibiotics as well.

I often also see cats in my clinic with a lot of self inflicted wounds on their head and ears if they have very sore or irritated ears. For this reason your Vet should also be having a look down both her ear canals to check for polyps and ear mites. Ear mites are relatively easy to treat with Advantage multi applied topically on her neck, however polyps often require surgery. This is definitely worth having checked.

And the most likely cause is an allergy of some sort, in which case the lumps will disappear as they have for your other cat. However if they are still present in a few days, I would definitely be considering some of the other potential causes for this as above. Please keep an eye on these lumps, makes sure she is fleaed with advantage multi and wipe the scabs twice daily with a warm salt-water soaked cloth or chlorhexidine antiseptic NOT detol or savlon.

Best of luck with both cats, but particularly your girl with the lumps on her ears! Please keep me updated with how you get on in the coming days.

Thank you and please now click ACCEPT.

Kind Regards,

Dr M D Edwards

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