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what stops dogs from peeing in the house. the worst smell ...

Customer Question

what stops dogs from peeing in the house. the worst smell for them??? garentee
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Donna P. replied 9 years ago.


Unfortunately, there is nothing that is guaranteed to work - that I am aware of. This is a problem that can be very difficult to stop and requires patience and diligence. Most of the repellant type products I have not heard very good results with.

If he is not neutered, this may help you a lot in your endeavors to keep him from urinating in the house. Unneutered males will urinate to mark their territory and advertise their availability. If left intact, it is almost impossible to keep some males from urinating in the house. You may want to consider a male belly band to control the problem - although it will do nothing to stop it. Here is a link to the product.

If he is already neutered or if neutering him is not possible, it helps to know the reason he is urinating in the house. This may be that he has never been completely housetrained (if this has been a problem more or less his whole life). If this is the case then I would go back to treating him like a puppy. A vigorous housetraining routine involving confinement when you are not able to watch him, in order to prevent accidents. This could be in a kennel when you are gone or you can do the umbilical cord technique where you tie the dog around your waist with a long leash. This way you can watch for any signs that the dog is going to go and get him outside. You should also have a set schedule of regular walks for him to go potty. Stay with him during these times to praise him for going in the right spot.

Other reasons might be separation anxiety, urinary tract infections, or other problems. A thorough physical exam with urinalysis is always recommended to rule out physical problems.

Be sure to clean up any favorite areas for urinating with a product made to neutralize urine odor. Otherwise there is a constant calling card left for your dog in that spot. My favorite products have been nature's miracle and odor disposers. Here is a link to these products.

I would also try leadership building techniques so that he doesn't believe, in his own little head, that it's his house and he'll go where he'd like. This involves basic obedience training - a class is probably the best option, requiring him to earn things by obeying a command prior to being fed, let outside, playing, or just about anything. It is basically a concept that makes them realize that nothing is free and they have to acquiesce to your authority. It is so easy to just spoil the adorable little dogs that we treat them like they are little kings or queens. They can definitely pick up on this quickly and decide that they are the boss of us instead of visa versa. Just by turning the tables on them a bit by requiring them to "earn" things, feeding meals instead of leaving food out all of the time, not allowing free access to toys all of the time, and not allowing the dog to sleep in the bed (at least for awhile) can make them reassess who is the boss.

You may also want to use a trick that takes advantage of a dog's instinct to not urinate or defecate where they eat and sleep by feeding meals in "favorite" spots - after using the odor neutralizers. This can help them to stop using that spot.

If you would like additional information, just reply.

Donna P.

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Thank you.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Donna P.'s Post: thank you but i have done all that first, that is why i was asking. so you don't know of a produt that repels the dog peeing scent.
Expert:  Donna P. replied 9 years ago.

Hello again,

I am unaware of any product that effectively repells a dog to keep them from peeing somewhere. There are several products out there for outdoors, designed to keep pets out of flower gardens and such, but I have had very mixed reviews with them. I don't know of any that are made for indoors and suspect they would have the same mixed results. You could try something like a scat mat - to keep them from going in a certain area at all. It can be put across a doorway or underneath somewhere they tend to "go" It gives a static electricity poke if stepped on. Here is a link

There are also wireless indoor boundary systems that you can set up. These are like the invisible fences for outdoors. Here is a link to this type of product.

I hope this was helpful and I am sorry that there is not a product that will just easily keep dogs from urinating in a particular area. If this was helpful, you can still ACCEPT - but I will opt out so that others can view the questions and let you know if there is a product like this out there.

Donna P.

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Thank you.


Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
Donna gave you excellent advice on clean up and training. She is right that there isn't a repellent smell to stop the dogs from marking in the house.
But there is something you can do so the stuff in the house does not get marked!
You can see if belly bands will work for you.
I use them with a stick on incontinence pad so the dogs stay nice and clean and dry. You can see belly bands here and several places sell them
Its a little inconvenient but many dogs stop leg lifting inside when they discover they no longer can leave a scent when they do it.
You do need to clean the areas up still to reduce their interests in the spots they've previously used.
The next thing that will help you is to gain the respect of the dogs. Right now they think they can do as they please (and they are probably cute enough to get away with it) but if you change their roles in your 'pack' that should help you. A non violent way to do this is called the nothing in life is free program which you can read about here
As all that punishment isn't working to get the dogs to respect you this is certainly worth a try as a change in how you handle them.
The more respect the dogs have for you as a leader the more willing they are to do what you want.
Obedience training can help a lot too as the dogs are learning to pay attention to what you want. may help you find a class near you. Poms are pretty smart and positive training works well with them.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i'm sorry but none of your answers help.i have done all those things all ready. so i have to decline. it seems that you all the same replys but no answer.thank you for trying.
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
You didn't mention anything about using a belly band only about using bad smells which never works.
You also mentioned nothing about training.
If you can't control them, won't use a belly band and are not interested in training them then the last solution is to use a baby gate and keep them in a room that is easily cleaned.