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S. August Abbott, CAS
S. August Abbott, CAS, Own Animal Care/Rescue Org.
Category: Dog
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my dog keeps licking everything insight. The carpet, the ...

Customer Question

my dog keeps licking everything insight. The carpet, the walls, my pants, the brick wall outside, the sidewalk, the grass. I had her into the vet on monday adn they said she had an upper respirtory infection adn gave us tetracycline to give her. She hasn''t have a problem until tonight. She just started licking everything and won''t stop. She is breathing heavy and is sneezing every now and then. She is some what unresponsive too. I call her name and she doesn''t listen.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  S. August Abbott, CAS replied 9 years ago.

I understand your frustration - it's very difficult to watch our companions be ill and not have any idea why.

A hands on evaluation is absolutely necessary to know for sure - and that's probably why the vets won't discuss it over the phone, but I'll try to help you with some possibilities to be prepared for.

There could be any number of reasons for dogs licking floors/carpet, concrete, walls and even bedspreads or cushions. When a dog is stressed or bored, obsessive-compulsive behaviors may develop. Distractions, providing interest and outlets, attention directed elsewhere on a consistent basis may resolve the problem, but it takes dedication and perhaps even a slight lifestyle change on the part of the humans.

Hypoadrenocorticism (Cushing's Disease), liver failure or neurological disease may also be at least part of the cause.

It may be a tooth or gum problem too. Even if you can't see anything, it could be something going on under the gums or in the root of a tooth.

Since she's also acting 'off' in other ways, I'd be more concerned and not hesitate to have her seen first thing tomorrow. Even if you have to find an urgent care clinic (which is quite often a regular vet who keeps 24/7 hours).

Keep up the good work and excellent observations. I hope she's fine.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much. We are going to take her in first thing in the morning. My girlfriend is just very concerned. She is leaving for a week tomoroow afternoon and wants to make sure everything is ok. So Thank You
Expert:  S. August Abbott, CAS replied 9 years ago.

I can appreciate that. It's always easier to handle something you're prepared for right? This could also be nothing more than OCD (yes, dogs can have obsessive compulsive disorder) - but to be honest, that would be harder to take care of in many cases.

Let me know how you do ok? You can re open this question any time and you do not have to press accept again.