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Cher, Dog Caregiver--Extensive Experience
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Extensive Experience Caring for Canines; Specializing in behavior and health concerns.
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My dog is acting like she cant get comfortable and ...

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My dog is acting like she can''t get comfortable and gets up oddly. I don''t think she ate anything out of the ordinary. She relaxes for awhile and then cries. What could be her problem?

It's possible that your dog has an intestinal infection or has ingested something she shouldn't have, which you're not aware of. Her symptoms may also be indicative of a condition called 'bloat', in which the stomach twists in on itself, inside, causing painful pockets of gas, and which may seriously affect the stomach and surrounding organs, if not treated immediately.

If this has been going on for a major portion of the day/night, and or even a few hours, I recommend an immediate visit to the ER vet center for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, if your regular vet is closed at this time.

I hope your dog is feeling more comfortable, very soon!

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