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Dr Harrison
Dr Harrison, Veterinarian
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how much dose it cost to fix a dogs broken foot

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Important Information…the advice I am providing is solely based on the information you are giving me. To accurately diagnose and treat a patient, a veterinary doctor-patient relationship is required. Before I can tell you what is wrong, I must see you pet and perform an examination. Over the Internet, your description may be misleading and you may not see what a trained veterinarian would see. Therefore, the advice I give you is not to be taken as 100% accurate. I can tell you how I have treated cases in the past with similar symptoms and you must make a decision whether you want to follow my advice or not. This service is not a substitute for visiting your vet. With that in mind, let us start…

To answer your question, it all depends upon what part of the foot is broken. The good news is that a dog less than 1 year will probably heal quicker than an older dog. Sometimes people come into the clinic saying their dogs foot is broken and it turns out not to be. Sometimes a splint is enough to help the bone heal and other times surgery is required. In my clinic, to splint a foot may cost any where from $55 to $75. but first there is an exam charge and if the leg needs to be x-rayed, that is additional. If the foot is infected, that complicates things.Antibiotics may be necessary and if the skin is broken, that must be addressed before a splint is placed on the leg. To do surgery, most veterinarians require blood tests before giving anesthesia. The repair of the broken foot may cost anything from $500 to $1000 depending on what is fractured or who is doing the surgery. If a specialist does the surgery, it tends to cost more. Then you have to consider the aftercare and hospitalization and medications and follow up care. So to answer your question, it could cost as little as $100 to $3000. The best advice is to take the dog to a local vet. An evaluation can be made for the cost of an office visit. Tell the doctor that you want an estimate of the cost from start to finish. The vet should be able to give you a better ball park figure than I can. In addition, the dog may be in pain and the vet may prescribe something for pain.

It may be good idea next time to get pet insurance for things like this. Unfortunately, it's too late for this time but you'll have it in the future should you need it. Some vets have something called "Care Credit" that many people qualify for. It's like a credit card for pets. Here is a link to Care Credit:

A site for pet insurance is:

There are others pet insurance companies:

Good Luck to you and the little pooch!
Dr Harrison and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i think it is his tow and it is not infected and it did not brake the skin it is the bone where the finger is it is like the pinky finger on his right paw i dont know what that is called but i checked his foot and that is the only part that hurts him and we r going to the vet monday cuz the vets r close weekends
If it is his toe and not infected, you will probably not need surgery and might be lucky to get away with only a splint or light bandage. Again, little puppies heal nicely and you are doing the right thing by going to the vet to have it checked out. In the meantime, restrict his activity. Leash walk him and don't let him run. Sometimes if they don't put weight on the broken leg, they put more weight on the other legs and that causes the other legs to have problems. If you have a crate, he should stay in there. Do not give him any medication for now. The little pain he has on the foot is natures way to remind him not to use it.
Dr Harrison and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i am trying to not let him walk but my boyfriends mom wont leave him alone eventhough i told her to let him stay in his play pen cuz the dog isnt really mine it is hers eventhough i take care of him and she wont take him to the vet so i am going to do it and she is a hard headed old lady that is y he doesnt have pet insurance cuz she doesnt want to pay for it cuz my dog has insurance hers doesnt so now i have to get him pet insurance for him to cuz she never really walks him or plays with him so i didnt think he would get hurt a home
You are doing a good thing by helping your boy friends mom even though she won't take the dog t the vet. Since he is a puppy, he needs to have a chance to be right. He will need to rest now and after the foot is fixed by the vet. You must try to keep the dog in the pen for now. Tell your boy friends mom the doctor said the dog needs to rest and that is the doctors orders! Let me know what the vet says Monday...
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
we went to the vet he got a splint and some meds for the swelling he had 2 broken bones in his paw he doesnt need surgery or anything and we have to go back in a week to chang the splint and after that we go every 2 weeks for 6 to 8 weeks and he will get another xrey to c how he is healing so everything should be fine now my boyfriends mom is laying off and the dog is finally getting some rest well that is it thank u and good bye

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