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My dog has been diagnosed with a UTI, she is not eating, and ...

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My dog has been diagnosed with a UTI, she is not eating, and sleeping alot more, the vet. told me to give her cranberry capsles, is that efficient enough. The Vet said it is a mild case. But her not wanting to eat anything and vomiting leavesme very concerned. I have to force the food in her mouth. I want to help her to recovery the best I can.

Inappetence is definitely a sign of illness, so is listlessness. It sounds like she might need something a bit more than the cranberry capsules - possibly an antibiotic as well. I would call your vet and let them know and they may be able to get you some medicine this weekend for her to start taking.

Let me know if you have more questions,

Dr. Debbie

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The said she didn't give an antibiotic because there was no bacteria, and that antibiotics can be harmful to the immune system. My dog was given fluids today and a pepcide shot but she still threw up. she's just not her lively self, I just don't want this to get worse. This started to show evidence 11 days ago with not wanting to eat all her food and being more tired. and has progressed since.

If they diagnosed her with a UTI that is a urinary tract infection. This is caused from bacteria. So I'm not sure I'm following their rationale . . .

Have they done any bloodwork on her?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes they did an in house blood test, which the vet said looked good, but also sent it out for a thyroid test, this was done on wednesday and I was there yesterday and they still haven't gotten it back, and they only had a particial on the urine test, which showed the UTI but no bacteria.oh they also said it showed protein in her blood. I told them she is not eating, and just wants to lie around no energy, they had the nerve to tell me maybe she's bored. oh ya, I live in Simi Valley CAl. I don't know where you are, would you happen to know a really good vet anywhere near here. my dog is not getting better and now I'm really getting scared.

I'm in TN so I probably wouldn't be much help as far as finding someone in your area. The thyroid test might be what they are suspicious of as far as low of energy - that happens in dogs with a low thyroid hormone. They probably need to do a urine culture if there is a urinary tract infection to see exactly what is causing it and which antibiotic will clear it up. If there is a urinary tract infection - antibiotics are a must to clear it up. Cranberry capsules help prevent recurrence but won't clear up the infection.


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