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I have a female American Bulldog, she is in heat and ...

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I have a female American Bulldog, she is in heat and bleeding the first day it started she seemed very uncomfortable, Is she like a woman? Is this like a woman''s menstrual cycle? If so can I give her something to relieve the cramps? How often will she go into heat?
There really is nothing to give her for this. She is likely responding to the hormones and changes in her body. Walking may help if you think she has any cramps.
Dogs go into heat at any time between 6-12 months usually.
They are not normally bred until their third heat to make sure they are mature in body and mind before having to raise pups of their own. Usually they come in heat every 6 months after the first heat.
Dogs are usually in heat for about 3 weeks. The first week they have a red discharge, then the second a clear or straw colored discharge, then almost no discharge the last week.
You have to be very careful with an in heat dog as if she is left alone in a yard or pen male dogs will try to get to her and she will try to get to them. Female dogs may even run out through a door to go looking for a male.
If you put her out in the yard for potty trips I suggest supervising her.
If you leash walk her I'd suggest a pop out umbrella as a good tool to have with you in case you run into any loose male dogs you want to fend off.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is this like a woman's cycle? Is she shedding that stuff from the uterus like a woman?
It is and it isn't. Women run on an estrus cycle controled by estrogen. Dogs run on a progesterone cycle. Dogs go into heat twice a year only.
Yes they shed the old uterine lining before being ready to breed so that fetuses will be attaching to the new lining if the dog gets pregnant.
The only moderately safe pain med for dogs is aspirin and that can increase bleeding so you do not want to use that. Caffeine is not safe for dogs which is another common ingredient in pills for women. Walking is actually a good pain or cramp reliever for humans too.
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