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We just noticed our dog has a HUGE swollen neck. She wears ...

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We just noticed our dog has a HUGE swollen neck. She wears a collar and a shock collar, (to deture her from barking because of a crazy neighbor). We noticed she has what looks like extra skin hanging, and a lot of it. She has no appitite and is not drinking her water. Our kids have feed her the passt two days, therfore we had not noticed any difference in her. Unfortunantly today we did see the problem. There is an infection I can see and start to smell. It seems to be coming out of were the prongs from her shock collar rest on her neck. Any idea what could have caused her neck to become swollen? I know 3 days ago there was not any abnormal swelling. She's starting to go into heat and there was a visiting dog that came to 'see' her. when I phoned his owners we were out with her and there wasn't any swelling then. Could it be caused from her being in heat? It's really swollen......
This sounds like she may have a hotspot from the collar. What can happen is that the skin gets moist under the collar and if she scratches or gets a bug bite or something that irritates that area it can create a way for bacteria to start growing and create an infection. It would be best to remove the collar for now until it heals. If you can you need to shave the hair from the area, this will allow for better air circulation so it can dry out. Once it is shaved then you can use a mild anti-bacterial soap to clean it with, make sure that you rinse it well. Try to get all of the slimey feeling stuff off of the area. Once it is cleaned well you can use some neosporin on it to help it heal. It will look worse before getting better so don't be too alarmed. She may need oral antibiotics to get it completely healed. You can also use cold compresses on the area to help cool it down. If the area feels like there is a pocket or balloon under the skin she may have an abcess,which could come from a bite of some type or possibly the collar if it. If this is what is going on then you need to get her seen by a vet and get the abcess opened up and drained and get her on antibiotics right away. Her heat cycle should not have caused this to happen.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Animal Eyes's Post: would this cause her to loose her appitate also? It's really smelly where the infection is. She's perky and wagging her tail, but will not eat.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
my husband said it looks like a balloon, i did take the collar off when I got home. When she shakes her head it moves with her.
It can affect her appetite, it may also be causing her a sore throat so she doesn't want to eat. I think it would be best to get her seen if you can. This sounds like an abcess and it should be treated as soon as possible. If the infection gets into her blood stream it could cause her problems elsewhere in her system.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for your help......we'll have to get her seen....