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Mia Carter
Mia Carter, Animal Expert
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My dog was sprayed with mase on eyes and nose, now ...

Resolved Question:

My dog was sprayed with mase on eyes and nose, now there is an infection on her nose and around her eyes. How do i help her?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Mia Carter replied 9 years ago.
Hello there.

I'm sorry to hear about your girl.

What makes you think that she has an infection in the area? Is there a possibility that she could just be experiencing irritation or an allergic reaction?

If she does, in fact, have an infection, you will need to take her to the vet's office for an exam and some antibiotics. Anytime something comes in contact with the eyes, for instance, there is a risk of infection. In the meantime, I would flush her eyes several times a day using plain saline or water that's been boiled to ensure sterility. I prefer something called Wound Wash Saline, found in the first aid section of the drug store, but if you can find plain saline in the contact lens area of the store (check the ingredients - we just want saline), that will work too.

I think that it's also possible that instead of an infection, she's experiencing irritation or an allergic reaction. So I would begin by thoroughly washing her entire body, with special attention to the face. On her face, I would use dish soap, as this will help to break up any oils that were contained in the mace. It's possible there's a residue that's causing continuing irritation.

It's also possible that she's experiencing an allergic reaction, that could cause itching and redness. You could also try some Benadryl to see if this helps. If it's due to an allergy, you should see some improvement.
The dosage is 1mg per 1 pound of body weight up to 50 mgs. This can be given every eight hours. This should help and reduce the itching or other discomfort that your dog is experiencing.

In addition, if you have the container of mace that she was sprayed with, you could contact the manufacturer to see if there's any special procedures they recommend. Typically, mace is just really concentrated pepper and it does cause irritation for a period of time following the spraying incident. But it's designed so that all you have to do is to flush the face and eyes with water or saline. I do know that you can see allergic reactions though. My husband is a paramedic and he's confirmed for me that you can see redness and inflammation for a day or two after in the case of an allergy.

Also, if swelling is present, it may help to apply an ice pack to reduce some of the swelling. If she's experiencing itching, this too may reduce that a bit.

If she was experiencing itching, she may have pawed at her face, breaking the skin and ultimately leading to infection, so if she has open sores or lesions, you'll want to clean them twice daily. You can use an antibacterial soap, like dial, to wash the area twice daily. After washing, you'll want to use some betadine iodine (available at the drug store near the alcohol and hydrogen peroxide) to disinfect the area. Apply with a cotton ball or Qtip and allow it to air dry. You can then use a little bit of antibiotic ointment like Neosporin.

I hope your dog is feeling better soon!

I wish you luck with your dog! Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions!

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-Mia Carter
Pet Expert

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