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If my dog spit up blood, what does this mean

Resolved Question:

Gigi, toy poodle, 12 years old. In general good health, just had full work up in March and all tests were good. She is on Benazepril and Brethine to help progressively enlarged heart condition. Was on a short walk, and she had just gone to the bathroom. Her stool wasn't watery, but loose/mushy. But that's not unusual for her every once in a while. (Stools have been fine/firm these last weeks_no blood there either.)
I bent down to pick up her stool on the curb and turned around to see her licking her mouth/chin--which had blood on it.
I can't tell if she bit her tongue or somewhere else in her mouth. I wiped her chin off and there was no more blood. Came inside to call our vet who said that if she's fine otherwise sounds like she may have bit her tongue, to bring her in Monday. She is acting normal now in the house. The only reason why I am anxious (besides the blood) is because she hasn't been into her walks the last week, she's slower in walking. Anything else I should look for?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  ask_me replied 9 years ago.


Thanks for the information on Gigi. Spiting out blood as she did could be a tooth, tounge, or throat issue. Being that no more occured, this is hopefully all that it was. Some other issues that can cause this are heartworm, stomach problems and parasties. As you mentioned that she wasn't as in to her walks as usual, I would suggest keeping an eye on her general activity level, watching her stool (for blood, consistancy etc), urine output, appetite and thirst. If she doesn't seem "quite right" then let your vet knw that you'd like to be seen sooner. No one knows Gigi better then you and if you feel like something is out of sorts over the next day or so, be sure to let your vet know. More likely then not, it may just be a mouth issue or parasites. I hope she's doing well and if you need any other information, just let me know. -Robyn

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