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What is the average size for a male cane corso at almost 8 ...

Resolved Question:

What is the average size for a male cane corso at almost 8 months and what is the proper way to measure at the withers? Also if a cane corso is about 80-85lbs at 8 months how big will he be? Finally at this age how much growing per month can be expected when do they stop growing? I know this is a long multilevel question i'll give whoever answers the best accpet price. Thanks
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Anna replied 9 years ago.
Hi Joey,

At 8 months, your dog has probably reached about 80% of his adult height. Adult male Cane Corsos range from about 25 inches to 27 1/2 inches tall. No one has actually figured out an average height for different ages, but you would expect your dog to be at least 21 inches at 8 months if he is going to reach the minimum of 25 inches. If he's around 22 inches, he'll probably mature to about 27 inches. These are only predictions and not an exact science, so there will be some variability. Large breeds often reach their full height around 18 months of age. You would expect slower growth from now on, perhaps 1/2 inch per month. The easiest way to measure height at the withers is to stand the dog next to a door casing or a wall. Have a helper hold a ruler flat over the top of the dog's withers with one end of the ruler up against the door or wall. Lead the dog away, while the helper keeps the ruler in place. Then you can measure from the ruler to the floor. You can get an even more accurate measurement by using a level and placing a mark on the wall. The following site gives directions to do that:

While your dog will probably reach his full height by 18 months, he'll continue to fill out and gain muscle and weight until he's about two years old. His present weight wouldn't necessarily reflect 80% of his adult weight.

The Cane Corso will be accepted into the AKC's miscellaneous group this summer. For more interesting facts on your breed:

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