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Dogs Testicles are Black!! Very Concerned! -(

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My 2 year old paperanians (pom x pap) testicles are black is this normal?

I do not know if they have always been like this as I have only just noticed it today.

He is not desexed as my friend has a girl one and we have just allowed them to mate.

I am really concerned and can't get to the vets till tomorrow due to it being Sunday! :-(
Hi Clare,

Is there any swelling to the dog's testicles?
When were the two dogs mated?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I can't tell if they are or not? As silly as that sounds! :-) Maybe a little more than usual but I can't be sure. The mated just at my girlfriends house in the yard.

A dog's testicles tend to be a bit darker from time to time especially if they are excited and the skin pigmentation can also be darker in that area as well. However, if there is swelling, it could indicate an injury, which allowed microorganisms to enter the testicles. Some diseases like influenza or distemper can cause swelling.

There is a disorder called Hydrocele which allows fluid to accumulate in the scrotum. A dog's testicles can also twist causing swelling and sudden pain. This is called Testicular Torsion. The testicles are also a site that can be affected by tumors as well in intact males.

If there was any struggling during the tie (stuck together) then he may have been injured during the mating process. If there does not seem to be any swelling, I would just monitor him to be sure none develops. Of course, if he starts to seem like he is in any pain, has blood in the urine or additional symptoms, you will then want to have him seen.

I hope this information is helpful to you.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for that I think he may be fine they seem a little lighter today then yesterday but still black in tone.

I called the vet and they said if he seems other wise well he should be fine so I'll leave it till i need to drop in to the vets next.

Thanks again - Have a great day or night depending where you are! :-)