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Dr. K
Dr. K, Veterinarian
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my dog has something that look like a nipple growing ...

Resolved Question:

my dog has something that look like a nipple growing slightly below the rib cage, it feels like one too. she is 10 yrs old and in good health.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
Hi Mac,
How large is this growth?
Is there hair on it, or is it just skin (like a nipple)?
For how long has it been there?
Is it increasing in size?
Does your dog seem to bother at it (by licking or chewing)?
Does it ever bleed?

Dr. K
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. K's Post: Its about the size of a nipple. At first, I thought it was a nipple when I found it until I noticed its location, on the left side of the body.
I first noticed it about a month ago then thought it went away. I now think it is well hidden.
it is just white skin like her belly but in the area of black hair. It has no hair on it.
No it doesn't seem to bother her (except when I am poking and prodding it) That can sometimes be deceptive in Rottweiler since they have a high tolerance for pain.
There is no bleeding and no growth.

She has skin tags on other parts of her body one on the back of the neck and one on the leg they feel different though hard and not quite as big. I believe she is part Doberman and from what I understand, this is a common occurrence with them.
This is soft and I can take my finger and flip it back and forth.

Thank you for your time.
Expert:  Dr. K replied 9 years ago.
Hi Mac,
In most cases, these skin tags or growths like the "nipple" that you are describing are benign tumors. However, there is no way to know what a lump is definitively, unless it is removed surgically and sent in for biopsy. One way to try to find out is by doing a test called a fine needle aspirate. During this test, the vet places a needle inside the mass and pulls out some of the cells and other materials inside. This is then sprayed and smeared on a glass slide and is stained for viewing under a microscope. A pathologist can tell what a lump is 50% of the time with this test. The major benefit of this test is that it may give you an answer without having to put your dog under anesthesia.
Most people opt to surgically remove the lumps, even when benign, because this will give a definitive diagnosis, and the lump will then be gone if it is malignant (cancerous). Furthermore, many benign lumps do continue to get bigger and this can be cumbersome, unsightly, and sometimes uncomfortable for the dog.
I hope that this information is of help to you, and I wish you the best of luck with your dog. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Dr. K

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