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Terri Riba
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What do I do if my dog ate a leather belt

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Our puppy was neutered on Friday and we thought it would be nice to let him sleep in bed with us last night. We puppy proofed the room (put everything away we thought he would eat) but we got up this morning and I found the remains of a belt - just the buckle remains. There was some vomit on the floor which I can see is all leather belt. Do I need to worry about anything?

Hi Jen,

What age, breed and weight is he?

How long was the belt?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Terri Riba's Post: he is about 6 months, terrier mix, 47 lbs.
I think the belt was about 38"


A dog his weight may be able to pass this but I would not take the chance.

Leather can cause a blockage in the GI tract. Try to get him to throw it all up.

After he does, immediately give him some spongy food like cottage cheese,fiber bread, pasta, mashed potatoes to try and push the rest through. You can also put a dollup of plain vaseline on his paw for him to lick off.

Since leather can cause a blockage you have to be very alert for any trouble.

It can take up to 36 hours to pass it. Keep an eye on his stool to make sure he does. If he develpes any constipation or abdominal pain, lethargy or pale gums bood in stool or in vomit he should be seen ASAP or will not eat or vomits food back up.

If he seems like he is in pain and you cannot get him to vomit or to eat anything it is best to take him straight to a vet.They can use a scope to remove it if it is in the upper GI tract.

I will be here so please let me know how he is doing.

I hope your baby will be fine.

Very sincerely,


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He has already vomited once this morning and has pooped twice. my vet doesn't open until 9.

If you think he threw most of it up. just give him the spongy food. If he keeps it down he should be fine. But if he cannot hold it and throws everything up see your vet when he opens.

Please let me know how he is doing.

Best wishes,


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
about how long should he keep it down until I know we are in the clear? (I gave him mashed potatoes)
If he keeps it down an hour I would say we are in the clear.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

You are very welcome. It is my pleasure to help someone as lovely as you and your sweet baby.

I will always be here for both of you.

Thank you for your accept!



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Terri Riba's Post: I will keep you posted on how he is doing. So far so good!

I will be here with fingers crossed,