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Terri Riba
Terri Riba, Healthcare Expert
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 32665
Experience:  Expert in canine health and behavior. 20 years of experience with dogs
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located below and to the left of his anus.

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It was located below and to the left of his anus. Now that it has burst, what do you recommend we do?

Dear friend,

In am so sorry your baby had this.

It was most likely an abscessed anal sac:

Apply warm compresses and then neosporen to keep him comfortable,

As long as it does not swell up again he should be fine. If it does he will require an oral antibiotic from his vet.

Feed him soft food for the net two days.

Please let me know how he is feeling. I hope he will be fine.

Warmest best wishes,


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much! I'm glad I was doing exactly as you said. Your answer did so much for my peace of mind. If I could afford more I would have paid so much more. Again, thanks Terri! =)

Dear friend,

Dont worry about paying more - as long as your baby is ok,that is reward enough for me!

Thanks for your accept.

sending as an info request so you are not charged again!



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