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Pat, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  10 years of veterinary experience in private practice and emergency care
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my cat signs are drooling very wet around the mouth area.

Customer Question

my cat signs are drooling very wet around the mouth area. and raw nose in the middle of of his nose is blood red,his eyes are clair,and looks healthy other then nose and mouth.he is a stray outside cat that i took there something i can do are buy?and what are the syptoms of upper resp.infections?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Pat replied 9 years ago.
IT sounds more like he got into a toxin.
Any chance he could have gotten into battery acid...was he near your car? How about antifreeze? Or do you think he was out for a few days?

Red raw nose and drooling......really sounds like toxic exposure.

Do you have any other cats in the house? If so, keep them seperated from him

This is what I would do:
If you think there IS NOT A CHANCE that he could have gotten into somehting serious (antifreeze, rat poison, battery acid, oil, mistletoe, poinsetta...ect) then I would feed him very soft warm food and let him rest. You can put neosporin on the end of his nose.(best to use glove) and take him to the vet in the am. Make sure he didn't hurt himself accidentally! If you think he got into something, take him to the ER and tell them he is a stray you found and are helping. They can often help with the bill that way!

I hope this helps

Dr. Pat

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