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How cold (in Fahrenheit degrees) is it too cold

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My dogs like to play outside even though it's only 28 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. Should I make them come in anyway?
What type of dogs are they (what breeds are they mixed with)? Are their coats long and fluffy, or very short and fine?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
One is a short-haired heeler mix female (one year old); one is a short-haired male heeler, 9 months old; one is a male, very fluffy, part wheaten terrier mix, also 9 months old. What is the lowest temperature they should be allowed out to play in. They like to run around outside and play a LOT! I also have a distemper question to ask you next and will pay additionally for that answer. Thanks.
As long as you are supervising them, I would say that you can safely allow them to play in temperatures as low as 30 degrees or so, for maybe 15 minutes. I would be concerned about leaving them out there for any longer than that, as they will lost a lot of heat as they play. Dogs can, and often do, develop frostbite. IN colder temperatures, 5 minutes is about the maximum I'd allow. Of course, this can vary based on their degree of acclimation -- a very thick-coated dog that lives in a warm climate would still be cold when they first encounter 30 degree temperatures.

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