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our son has a purebred golden retriever,thats 12 yrs old,

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
our son has a purebred golden retriever,thats 12 yrs old, has always lived indoors. 3 weeks ago he fd him not able to stand up. took him to 3 different vets,all said nothing cd be done for him, so took him the a taveling vet which is very good, he checked him all out,said he was overweight,also had arthritis. and put him on steroids,kept him for several days, then scott cd take him home. said not to feed him but 1/2 cup od dog food a day with water. he did get up several days later,but now cant, has bm,s and urinates, been vominting some, i think he needs more to eat! how can he gain strenth without more food?
Expert:  Bully Breeder replied 9 years ago.
Hello, more than likely your baby is seeing the symptoms come back because the steroid shot has worn off some and it has let the inflammation and pain come back into his body. The food is probably not an issue at this point since he is somewhat overweight to begin with but it is more than likely the steroid shot wearing off. I do agree though that the 1/2 a cup once a day sounds a little bit less than the normal so if you would want to raise it to 1/2 a cup 2 times daily I see no harm in that. If he is vomiting you can try and feed chicken and rice to help settle the stomach. This may provide more protein and so forth to get him boosted back to normal as well. You can add a little yogurt to it as well to help get the good bacteria back in order in his stomach so it settles and digests properly. If your baby is not on any type of anti inflammatory like Rimadyl or Deramaxx then I would consult with the vet about getting some of that to keep him on. Also adding fish oil and glucosamine can help with the joints and arthritis issues as well. I hope this will help some but if you need anything else be sure to let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks so much for the reply back. just fd it today! good ole msn,huh? well casey passed away after abt a month. think his poor heart just gave out, since it was way below o here the ground was so frozen scott cdnt even break the ground! so as he was so huge the vet sugested having him cremated,whis scott did. got him back in a beautiful urn and has it in a bookcase in the family room. after several months he found a breeder of pure breds up ard chicago, and picked out a female this time, name is macie" she looks excatly like casey? but is spoiled rotten and is on a strict diet. these folks are in the businees and showed scott a letter that her lines go back to scotland? what a coincidence as hubbys heritage is from scotland. all is well at the nicol home,thank god!! thank you so much....grama nicol