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Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, Veterinarian
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cockerspaniel with mouth infection, terrible smell and ...

Resolved Question:

cockerspaniel with mouth infection, terrible smell and very tender. currently using Delta Cortef 5mg and Clinacin 75m. works while on tablets then comes back.Drooling on one side.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 9 years ago.
Unfortunately, as you have found out, the medication is serving only as a "band-aid" -- it's not treating the underlying problem. For a mouth infection (periodontal disease), the only way to effectively treat the problem is to anesthetize him, and do a thorough cleaning of the teeth and below the gumline, and to extract and diseased teeth. Only then, will the infection be able to be cured. Antibiotics alone will not be enough to treat the problem.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Drew's Post: dog has no problem with teeth, issue appears to simply be infection of the gum on the one side of his mouth which just wont go away. one recommendation was to operate on the mouth and tighten folds to minimise bacteria growth. That is, less moisture in his mouh as such less chance of further infection.
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 9 years ago.

OH, OK, thank you for the clarification on that. You mention that there is an infection on the gum -- could you explain a little more about where on the gums this infection is? Upper or lower? Near the front of the mouth by the canine teeth ("fang" teeth), or in the back by the molars?

Is the are that is supposedly infected just red and irritated, or is there any new tissue growing, like a tumor might look?

When he is on the antibiotics, does the area LOOK normal again? Or does it still look infected/diseased but stops smelling?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Infection is on the upper part of only one side of the mouth, from the midle towards the front of the mouth. Dog who has rather droopy folds, specially on the side where infection is and drooling occurs. Area is just irritaded [no evident tissue growth]. Irritation disappers whilst on the antibiotics. Smell tends to start comming back towards the end of the antibiotics.
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 9 years ago.

If the smell is coming back while still on the antibiotics, then there must be more going on than just an infection. In dogs with very droopy lip folds as you have described, it is possible to develop a dermatitis, though it's not very common in Cockers -- usually Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, Mastiffs, etc are more likely to have the problem associated with excessive lip folds.

If your veterinarian thinks that surgery would be helpful, I would be inclined to agree, based on the information you've told me so far. If the mouth is otherwise healthy, then perhaps removing some of those excessive folds would be a good idea.


Good Luck,