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my cocker spaniel has patches of bumps on his back, ...

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my cocker spaniel has patches of bumps on his back, around his neck and top of head that seem to dry up and get scaly and I don''t know what to do about it. His hair seems thinner in these spots. I have changed to an all natural dog food by Fromm. Is there anything else I can do?   My vet prescribes an antibiotic for him and that helps but he can''t stay on that forever.
Hello, have they done any type of skin scrape to test for mites or have they done any type of fungal culture? Has he been tested for allergies?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bully Breeder's Post: they did a skin scrape and found a fungul problem
Hello, if they have found a fungal problem than a medicated shampoo like Maleseb or Ketochlor plus an orally med like ketoconizol will help to clear things up.It sounds as though this is a pretty advanced case and that the oral meds will be th e most beneficial at this point. The Ketoconizol is an oral anti fungal drug that will clear up just about anything. Using an ointment as well on the areas will help treat it topically. Shampooing once a week will also drastically help. You may also consider getting him shaved down so that air can get to the skin and help. I would discuss with your vet about getting some Ketoconizol and some medicated shampoo specifically for fungus. I would then also talk to a groomer about getting him shaved down where the hair is really short so that air can get to the skin. I hope this will help you but if you need anything else be sure to let me know.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bully Breeder's Post: I am taking him to the vet tomorrow for routine stuff and have the patches looked at again. I thank you for the advise and hopefully I can get this cleared up.
You are very welcome and I hope this will get under control for you.
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