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why is my dog vomitting clear stuff

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I adopted my dog like 4 days ago. He was doing fine, but today he statrted vomitting and he doen''t have an appetite like he use to. But after he vomits he eats his own vomit. Is that normal?

Eating vomit is pretty normal. They see it as food. It's not nasty to them. Just to us.

Has he been fully vetted?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Well I don't know about his past owners, on how they treated him.. But he has all of his shots, and he got neutered like 2 weeks ago. He was checked by a vet before I got him. But the vet said that he was in good health.He also had a weird small cough... He was only sheltered for like 3 days before I got him though.

At almost all animal shelters and SPCA's, there is one commonality when you take the dog home. No matter how clean the shelter is or how well maintained, most of the dogs go home with kennel cough. It's a hacking sort of cough/nasal/eye discharge/sneeze that can go on for weeks. It may also present as a gagging sound.

It is contagious to your other pets.

Some dogs get over it on their own while others need antibiotics. If it's kennel cough, the vet can provoke the cough and tell you for sure with a little touch to the throat.

Keep in mind that kennel cough is a virus so antibiotics won't help it. HOWEVER, there are often secondary conditions that come with it and those MIGHT need antibiotics. Pay close attention to the discharge from the eyes and nose. If it's green/yellow, your pet needs antibiotics. If not, and he's eating well and seems to be of a normal activity level, you can wait and let it run its course.

I hope this helps!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Well he doesn't have any type of watery eyes not even a runnynose, so he's good, He's not fatigued either. also this morning I found a pile of small pebbles from a small vase. I think he ingested some... after that, That's when he started gagging and throwing up. Can he actually Digest the small pebbles? Or do they have to be surgically removed?

It's hard to say. Some dogs can pass small objects and others can't. I would add some fiber to his diet like rice or bread. You can even use canned pumpkin, which is full of fiber. This will move them through.

If the vomiting gets worse or the cough does not improve, don't hesitate to see your vet.


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