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Dr. Vicky Lamb
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is there something I can give my puppy for her teething ...

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is there something I can give my puppy for her teething pain or put on her gums? I am trying the frozen wash cloth for her to chew on but she is really miseralbe?

How old is your puppy?

What are her symptoms?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Vicky Lamb's Post: She is 12 weeks old, she is trying to chew on her greenie and when she chews she wimpers. She has been rather subdued for her...normally is a very active puppy. We gave her a frozen wash cloth to chew on hoping that would help a bit and it seemed to. She seems to want to chew but when she does it hurts her.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
forgot to ask, is there something we could put on her gums to numb the pain for her? or baby aspirin we could give her? we would like her to feel better : )

At 12 weeks old, she should not be losing her teeth yet. The incisors, the tiny teeth in front of the mouth, start to fall out at approximately 14-16 weeks, then the other teeth follow.

However, a greenie may be just too hard for her fragile puppy teeth. She could have even broken a baby tooth on the greenie. You should check her mouth out if the symptoms of pain persist, or if you aren't sure, you can have your vet check the mouth. A broken puppy tooth can be painful, and sometimes needs to be pulled out so that it doesn't continue to bother the pup until it would fall out naturally. I have seen pups get an infection from a broken puppy tooth, and it was quite painful, they run fevers, and require antibiotics.

The frozen cloth is a good idea in the mean time, and baby aspirin can be used in pups, but I would need to know specifically how much she weighs in order to help with a dose. I would not recommend giving an aspirin unless you know for sure she is having a problem with her teeth. If she has an upset tummy, the aspirin will make her worse. I do not recommend anbesol, as some dogs have reactions to the medication in this pain reliever.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Vicky Lamb's Post: Hi

This is my sisters pup and she is away at her summer camp and not near her normal vet, anyway I was incorrect about her age she was born on Aug 3rd and weighs 27lbs. She is definitely teething as she has lost the majority of her baby teeth already. My sister is checking for her for broken teeth. Any additional suggestions are welcome thanks!
Ok, she is definately in prime teething age!! If there are no other issues other than teething, you can go ahead and give 1 baby aspirin every 12 hours for pain relief. Give it with food, and if it causes any stomach upset (vomiting), diarrhea or loss of appetite, do not continue to give it. Continue with the frozen cloths. They also make toys that can be wet and frozen for teething puppies. Pet supply stores usually carry these. This might be better and safer than a frozen cloth. Let me know if you have more questions.
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