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If a puppy lives at a breeder who has had parvo deaths in ...

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If a puppy lives at a breeder who has had parvo deaths in her other dogs contagious one month later or dangerous to a 5 month old puppy at my house that has had vaccines. The puppy at the breeder will have had at least three sets of vaccines by the time we get her. Also is our two year old dog at any risk?
To clarify....

Your first question is "is it safe to adopt a puppy who is 5 months old and had 3 sets of vaccines but comes from a house where parvo positive dogs are?"

And second is "do I have to worry about your fully vaccinated 2 year old dog contracting parvo?"
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
we have a 14 week old puppy who will have three sets of vaccines by the 20th of dec. and we have a two year old who is fully vaccinated and had abooster last feb. The dog that we are supposed to get is 9 weeks with two vaccination due for third next week or so. We are not suppossed to get her until sometime in january. Her litter was fine but another litter at the same kennel lost 4 puppies to parvo, they were under six weeks and had not been vaccinated. This all occurred the week before thanksgiving and the different litters were put in different buildings immediately. They have follwed all procedures and the pups from the litter ours is from have still tested negative and no symptoms. they live in a different state and were going to bring her to us , but I can pretty much call the shots on when to bring her. We really want her but do not want to risk our other babies health, please help with opinion
Thanks for the additional information,

Unless your 2 year old has an underlying auto-immune disorder it is HIGHLY unlikely that he would be at risk even if around a parvo positive dog. So no problems there.

As for the 14 week old, if he has has 2 DHPP vaccines (distemper hepatitis parainfluenza and parvo) after 12 weeks of age, he too will be fine. Vaccines can be given as soon as 14 days after a previous vaccine. The fact that he will have 3 sets is promising, but a complete set would ensure no problems arise.

If the kennel is truly a well kept, clean kennel with washable floors etc, it is not likely that the puppy would have been contaminated with proper handling/sanitation. That being said, I would request proof of vaccines (stickers or boxes from the vaccine itself) and make sure that he looks bright, alert,responsive and has nice pink gums with puppy breath. Foul breath (metallic) could be a sign of a problem- including parvo.

FYI- parvo is highly contagious if in contact with vomit or diarrhea from an infected dog. Parvo can live outside the body for 1 year in the ground. Unless the puppy is parvo positive or covered in feces or vomit, it is unlikely that he will bring it to your home.

Nevertheless, I do not see any reason why if your dog receives another vaccine between now and then, why you should not adopt the puppy. Once he receives the vaccine, I would allow the breeder to bring the new puppy to you.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you need additional information.

Best wishes and good luck with your new little one,
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
how many vaccines in the full set I have heard conflicting info
Technically 4 sets given at 6, 9, 12, and 15 weeks of age. Some people start early and give an extra parvo vaccine at the end- especially in parvo prone breeds such as Rottweilers.

However, 2 DHPP vaccines given at or after 12 weeks of age is all that is needed. For example, if you adopted a 12 week old puppy from the shelter with no history of vaccines, we would give 1 DHPP at 12 weeks and a second at 15 weeks and he would be considered fully vaccinated until he is a year old. However, dogs begin to lose their immunity from antibodies when they are young so they need to be protected the entire time, to have the first vaccines no later than 6 weeks of age to not have a gap in protection.

It is confusing and different people go by slightly different schedules but this is a basic protocol that works.
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