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My Pekingese has just started her labor, this is the first ...

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My Pekingese has just started her labor, this is the first time for both of us and I love her very much. In my research I noticed that several sources noted that this breed has a difficult time with pregnancy, even worse they mentioned death. Is there anything I should look out for that might indicate something is wrong from this particular breed? Thank you.
How old is she?

What heat cycle was this? (first, second, third, etc)

How much does she weigh?

How large was the male?

Do you know how many pups she is carrying?

Is she having contractions?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Vet Tech Amy's Post: She turned 2 on 11/26- I had not planned on letting her get pregnant but my other Pekingese got to her despite my best efforts during her heat. I think this was her 3rd heat, she weighs about 14 lbs and my male weighs a little under her, he is 6mo younger. I took her to get xrayed yesterday and they said she has 4 pups with formed skeletals and also that her temp. had dropped under 100 so I could expect labor very soon. She didn't go into it last night but this morning she started breathing hard and when I just looked in on her I could see her stomach move twice, like a contraction I guess. Now she is just laying normally, not breathing heavy like before. I also don't know if I should stay with her or if I should leave her, sources say different things. I tried to leave twice but she got up and followed me out after a few miuntes. But I don't want to distract either- at the same time because she is a Pekingese, some sites said things that made me not want to leave her alone.
Thanks for the additional information.

Based on the fact that she is following you, I would sit in the room with her so she does not get up and so you can be on stand by if she needs you. I would let her nest and not pay too much attention, read a book, etc so that you are there but not overly attentive. Because of their head size and shape, some Pekingese labors can be difficult but many have natural births without problem so don't worry just yet. The fact that she is having 4 pups and that the father is smaller are good things. Once you see contractions (forced abdominal movement, she should produce a pup within 30 minutes. If you see that she is not, I would call her vet and have them on standby. After 40 minutes of hard pushing and no pups, I would bring her in- she may need a c-section.

If she has a pup you will have to make sure she begins to clean it. If it is in a sac, it needs to be popped and the fact and mouth cleaned. Some new moms do not know what to do so you may have to help. If she cleans it, make sure it starts to stir and then try to nurse. The next pup should be born within an hour. Again, hard contractions should be no more than 40 minutes. If she does not have contractions and it has been longer than 1 and 1/2 hours from the first pup, she will need to be checked by the vet.

If she continues to have the pups without problems she will likely rest, then want to get up and eat/drink, etc. Make sure she returns to the pups to nurse again.

You can also look for more warning signs of difficult labor and how to links on helping care for pups in the following links:

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need additional information.

Best wishes to you both,


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