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My beagle wont wag his tail or hold it up like

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My beagle won't wag his tail or hold it up like he usually does. He is very cautious sitting down. Could he have broken it?


Thanks for the information. I'm sorry to hear that your Beagle is having this issue. A broken tail is very painful on a dog and could cause the symptoms you are describing. Additonally, back issues and impacted anal glands can also cause a dog to behave this way. I would suggest that you have him seen by your vet to pinpoint the cause. If it is a broken tail, they'll be able to tend to it there so he is not in pain. In the event of an anal gland issue, they will likely express them and give him an antibiotic. I hope he's doing better soon. -Robyn

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply toCustomers Post: For a couple days before he completely stopped moving his tail (which also hangs off to the side right now) he has been licking is anal area alot. Now he keeps nibbling at his tail about midway (about where it turns white--in his beagle "flag"). Is this something that is OK to wait until Monday for, or should I have it checked out today?


I prefer to go with a better safe then sorry approach and would suggest to have him seen today. That said, you can also call your vets afterhours line (as they better know his medical history) and explain what is going on. If it is a tail break, they are very painful and you'll want to get it looked it quickly. Anal issues vary in severity depending on if polyps are present, if the anal glands are infected or need to be expressed, or if there is an impaction further up. Consider calling your vet and see about having him seen. I hope he's doing better soon. -Robyn

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