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What can I give my dog to help relieve diarrhea

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My dog is having problems the last few days with diarrhea. She acts alright for the most part, but seems to have a lot of gas with the diarrhea. First was a soft pile, now liquid but not a lot,just medium to small spots on the carpet. Therr to 4 at a time. Almost seem like she passes gas and has an accident. What can I try to give her to help her out. Have not changed her food except for a trat she was getting, but stopped giving her it when this started. She did sneek a peanut butter sandwich when my grandkids where here, they were sharing. She has eaten peanut butter before and it did not cause a problem.
You can try some stomach soothing meds.
An over the counter med you might try would be Pepcid or Tagamet or Zantac.
Be sure to tell the vet when you see them if you use any of these.
You can read about dose amounts (and cautions) scrolling down on the pages here
If that helps then you can see if some bland food and plain pedialyte added to the water bowl will help.
I would suggest trying boiled chicken meat or hamburger with the fat drained off, mixed with really well cooked rice in a ratio of 1/3 meat to 2/3 rice to see if that works. It's not a balanced diet but OK to use for a few meals while working on controlling digestive upset.
You may want to have the stool tested for intestinal parasites such as coccidia, giardia, or worms.
You can use Imodium with dogs but as there is no way to know if this is a bacterial infection or not I'd not do that. You can read about using it here
and you can see from reading the cautions why I'd not really recommend using it unless your vet says to.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
can we give her something like kaopectate. She just had a fecal and heart worm in the last month and everything was fine, so I am not worried about that so much. Is there anything else that could be serious? Also I forgot to mention we have a cat, and Mickie seems to eat the cat's fecal matter out of the litter box, and I use scoopable cat litter, could that cause it. I did just put into use a cat box with a cover on it.
The problem with Kaopectate and Pepto is they both now have aspirin compounds in them which can irritate the intestinal tract more.
Just eating the barely digested rich cat 'food' the cats leave in the box for the dogs (or so the dogs think!) can cause an issue.
The stomach soothing meds listed above help the whole intestinal tract as does the bland food.
If your covered cat box doesn't work to keep the dog out try one with the entry from the top
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