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Dr. Marie
Dr. Marie, Veterinarian
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My very small dog is pregnant by a very large dog. What are ...

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My very small dog is pregnant by a very large dog. What are the results of this?

Hi and thanks for your question!

The biggest concern is whether or not your dog will be able to pass the puppies naturally or if she will need a C-Section. Do you know which day she was bred on? She will be pregnant for approximately 63 days.

If possible, it would be great to have an xray done in the last 10 days of her pregnancy to determine how many pups are there and if they are extremely large.

It is a good idea to take her temperature daily. It should drop by about 3 degrees F about 24 hours before delivery.

Here is an excellent resource to read including criteria to determine if you need to call the vet for a C-Section:

Hope she does well!

If you have more questions, just hit reply.

Dr. Marie

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Marie's Post: Daisy is a Dacshund/Jack Russel mix, 9 months old and 14lbs. Are you sure the pregnancy alone will not kill her from a full grown huge chocolate lab? I keep wondering if I should just have them aborted and have her spaid? What would you do if it were your dog?

Hmm...that's a hard call. I have never seen a dog die because they were impregnated by a large dog, unless the dog needed a C-Section and didn't get it. As I see it you have two options:

If she is early in the pregnancy (like 3-4 weeks in) then I would probably have her spayed. Yes, the puppies will die, but it will be humane and the surgery will be safe for her.

If you want to try to have the puppies, then I would watch her very closely. If she seems to be very uncomfortable or is losing her appetite for more than a couple of days then you may need to have an emergency surgery done such as either a C-Section or an emergency spay.

The thing is, a spay at this point will likely be a lot less expensive than if she needs an emergency surgery.

So, to answer your question, I would likely have her spayed now.

Hope this helps!
Dr. Marie

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
That is what I thought, but I needed to be sure first, it so happens she is about a week pregnant. Thanks for your quick response.