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My dog is having a hard time chewing and swallowing. What ...

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My dog is having a hard time chewing and swallowing. What is wrong with her? We originally thought there may be something lodged in her throat but took her to the vet and nothing is there. Vet is unsure what can be wrong. This has been going on for 2 weeks now and I am struggling to find what is wrong with her on the internet. She has lost weight due to this and is not as physically active as she was. She is a German Shorthair pointer.
What other signs does she have? Does she paw at her muzzle? Can she eat anything? Will she eat canned food?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. K's Post: She will eat canned dog food which is what we have been giving her. She mashes it up with her nose until it is pretty much mush and somehow gets it down her throat. She has been walking around with her mouth open now for this 2 weeks and spends a lot of time trying to drink water. When she drinks, the water pretty much falls out of her mouth and we have a mess all over from this. I have an appointment to get some blood work done on her but who knows how long that will take! She has a good disposition even through all this yet she is not as active.
If she is having trouble closing her mouth and just walks around with it hanging open, she may have a neurological problem. Once that comes to mind is called Myasthenia Gravis. This can be easily diagnosed with a Tensilon test at a veterinarian. I recommend that you ask your veterinarian for a referral to a veterinary neurologist, or even an internist. They can be found at most specialty clinics. Even without a referral, you can usually get an appointment to see a specialist at one of these hospitals.
Don't give up! Many neurological problems that cause these kind of signs, can be treated if caught early enough.
While you are waiting for your appointment, you may want to try syringe feeding your dog food and water. You can take canned food, add a little water to it, and put it in a blender. Then use a syringe feeder (sometimes you can buy one in a pet store, or you can ask your vet to sell you one --20 mL or larger). Then you can squeeze small amounts of the food onto the dogs tongue by placing the syringe tip at the corner of the dog's mouth. You can feed water this way as well. Just remember to only give small amounts with the dogs head upright. If you give too much at once the dog may gag, choke or vomit.
Good luck to you and your sweet doggy! I hope that this information was helpful.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you Dr. K! I have an appointment tomorrow and my vet is going to run some blood work to rule out any organ issues. He stated that from there he would recommend us to a neurologist for testing. I find it strange that there was no warning sign for this. One day she went into a sneezing fit for a good 5 mins and the next day, her mouth was open! I will suggest the vet look for what you stated. Again, thank you.
Your very welcome.