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Mia Carter
Mia Carter, Animal Expert
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Specializing in the training and care of ill pets and special needs animals! Mom of 22 pets!
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My dog is sneezing a lot, does that mean he is sick

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Hello there!

Yes, excessive sneezing could mean that your dog is ill with some sort of respiratory ailment.

There's other symptoms that are often associated with respiratory problems, including discharge from the eyes or nose, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, panting, along with more generalized symptoms such as poor appetite and lethargy.

An upper respiratory infection or URI is a good candidate. This can also be associated with congestion, and discharge from the nose and eyes. A course of antibiotics from your vet will be needed to clear up URI.

Kennel cough, for example, is a common respiratory illness. It can be transmitted from dog-to-dog in the same way that humans pass colds to one another. It's almost always associated with a dry, frequent cough, but I have seen a couple cases where the dog starts out sneezing.

Seasonal can also cause sneezing, and again, there's often other symtoms present as well, such as runny nose, watery eyes and congestion. Another similar cause are irritants in the air - such as dust from a home improvement project or the like.

If there's really no other symptoms present, your dog could be in the early stages of a URI or other infection, or the sneezing could be the result of something such as an object that's been inhaled into the nose or respiratory tract - it can occur while the dog is simply sniffing around the home or yard. This is a case where a vet would have to perform an exam to determine if there's something caught in the nose, and often, the object will dislodge on its own, without any further problems. Other times, the object will have to be removed.

Tooth problems - such as an infection - can also cause problems with sneezing. You can look inside your dog's mouth for any obvious areas of redness, inflammation or irriatation, but often, a tooth problem won't be all that obvious and it will take a vet's trained eye to spot the ailment.

For more information on URI's and other sneezing causes, visit:

For more information on kennel cough, visit:

I wish you luck in sorting out the cause of your dog's sneezing! Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions.
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-Mia Carter
Pet Expert
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mia Carter's Post: He doesn't act like he is sick. He eats, and plays as usual. He just sneezes a lot and does have some discharge from his eyes. I think I will just take him to the vet to ease my mind.
Hi there.

Most dogs will act pretty normal in the early stages of a URI, for example, so that could still be a possibility, especially with the discharge.
Or it could just be allergies and a dose of antihistimine may be all he'll need - the vet can definitely tell you that.
Also, please accept if my answer was helpful, so I can receive credit for my work.

Good luck! I hope your boy is feeling better soon!
-Mia Carter
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