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my dog keeps licking his scrotum and now its raw whats ...

Resolved Question:

my dog keeps licking his scrotum and now its raw whats wrong with him? he is also keeping his back slightly hunched up. i have checked around the neighborhood and can not find a female in heat. and he has not been fixed. please help this is my buddy, his spirits when he knows i am looking are good, his back legs quiver all the time and he dont want to sleep in his bed instead he wants to sleep in a lawn chair, i should add he is a boxer. also for about 3 months now he has been acting like something is about to get him on the but.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Theresa replied 9 years ago.

I highly recommend taking him in for a urinalysis. It is very possible that he has a bladder infection, crystals or stones that are causing him irritation. Since this can be a painful condition the symptom of him hunching his back fits the scenario. If you notice that he hasn't urinated or has been making frequent trips to no avail then you might seriously want to consider getting him into the vet tonight. Otherwise he should be seen first thing tomorrow. Most of the time the licking is at the penis and not the scrotum but if he has been licking he may have irritated the scrotum as well. They can also get pretty nasty infections. Other then a possible bladder infection he could have allergies and his licking has caused enough irritation that movement causes him to jump. If infection is present in either case he will be put on antibiotics which should bring him relief within a few days. You might want to request a special collar to prevent him from being able to get to his scrotum while it is healing.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i have seen him urinate and it was productive and normal looking, his primary attention is the scrotum which is now somewhat swolen and raw, thank you for all your help and i will get him to a vet in the morning. this is the first time i have used this service and i will highly recomend to all i meet,.
thanks again