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My dog keeps hacking and dry heaving, nothing comming out?

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My dog keeps hacking and dry heaving, nothing comming out? He has been doing it since last night. We brought him to the vet and they wanted to give him an xray. They ruled out Kenel cough and allergies.


An unproductive cough can sometimes indicate an upper respiratory tract infection, esphogaus issue (reflux) or something lodged in the throat. If the vet did not feel that this is an issue that antibiotics can take care of, then an X-Ray will be needed. As the prices for these vary greatly from vet to vet consider giving a call around to variuos ones in your area. This can often save a great deal in the long run. -Robyn

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply toCustomers Post: The problem was he stopped coughing when he was at the vet. They played with his throat and he didn't cough. That was about3 hours ago and now he started doing again, a lot. He is getting these coughing attacks about once every 3-5 minutes now. Do you think we should take him to the emergancy vet ? He is a 6 year old Pug. Thanks !


Pugs can be more prone to breathing issues then some other breeds. To be safe, you may want to contact your emergency vet. The reason being: If this is in fact an infection, the sooner he gets on antibioics the better it will be for him. Inflammation from coughing can be problematic in these little guys. Secondlly, if he something lodged in there, you want to find out ASAP. I hope he's doing better soon. -Robyn

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply toCustomers Post: Hi, thanks for your help !!! Do you think there is something lodged. He is eating and drinking fine. He currently is not coughing and he hasn't been in the last 10 minutes.


It really sounds like the hallmark signs of a respiratory tract infection. However, with these little guys (and their breathing sturctures) or always better to be safe then sorry. Imagine their throat as more of a "foldy" area whereas other breeds (like a Lab) have a smooth passage down. This can be problematic if brething issues or inflammation arise. -Robyn

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