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Are cold ears a sign of blood loss in dogs?

Customer Question

My dog unfortunately has hemangiosarcoma, and had surgery about 1 month ago. She has seemed fine since then, but this morning was very shaky, and lethargic. She also vomited her breakfast, but there was no blood in it. I'm not sure if i should take her to the vet, and i didn't know if cold ears, nose, and paws, were a sign of blood loss. Thanks!

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.

I hope she's doing better now but if not do get her to the vet.
Cold ears as well as paws may indicate a problem with blood circulation and vomiting means she is not feeling well of course.
The shaking and lethargy can go with a circulation issue.
If your dog has gums or tongue that look white, blue, or yellow tinted where they are normally pink, has a slow color refill if you press on a pink area of gum or tongue, or is becoming lethargic and non responsive to you then I'd get the dog in to see your vet.
If she is still shaky and cold those are signs enough to think a vet visit is the best choice.
Hope all goes well with her!

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