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Courtney Carroll, DVM
Courtney Carroll, DVM, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  5 years experience as a small animal and exotics veterinarian
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barbed: rear leg..collar..dressing and lick the wound (twice)..heal

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My dog tore his rear leg in the front between the foot and the hock on barbed wire, it was about an inch long but he ran through a dirty muddy ditch and got a lot of mud in it, it would not flush out so the vet cut away some flesh to clean it and therefore made the wound larger and had 5 stitches. The dog had on a buster collar but was still able to tear off the dressing and lick the wound (twice), on his checkup the vet said that the skin on the edge of the wound had thickened and will have to be cut again to enable it to heal. My concern is that if they do this the skin will be considerably tighter and could it tear. They have removed the stitches as they ceased to be effective and I am due to go back on Monday at 8.30 am to have the proceedure done again - what would happen if we just continued to bathe and dress it until it heals (it is necessary to massage below the wound to expel the fluid that is continually collecting there). I'm not happy having this done again.
If there is thickened skin and fluid accumulation, this is not going heal without sutures. It won't tear if you keep him quiet and don't let him lick it/rip off bandages. This is mandatory. I know it can be hard. This time around, I would request a sedative to help keep him calm, and crate confine him to reduce the liklihood of him wrecking the repair while it is healing--no matter what you do, if he is messsing with it, it will not heal, period. This is why foot/leg wounds are such a pain to deal is hard to get dogs to leave them alone!

Good luck
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