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What can i give my dog to relax her for a car ride.

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what can i give my dog to relax her for a long car ride .
There are several possibilities.
Some people us Benadryl at a dose of 1mg per pound of dog. Its an antihistamine and can make the dog drowsy.
Some use the car sickness meds Bonine or Dramamine for the same purpose.
You can read about dose info on each here as well as cautions in use
Or you could ask your vet for some Acepromazine to help your dog be calm for the trip.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you Nancy for your promt response. To better help me decide on what to give my dog here is the entire situation. We are taking her to be put asleep due to age,arthritis and hip disorder. she is an 13 yr old akita and has bitten before trying to get her in and out of car for vet visits. i would like to give her something to totally relax her.
OK then in that case I'd call the vet and ask for meds for this purpose. Pick up the meds ahead of time so she can be dosed the right time ahead of the ride and be totally unstressed when she gets there. That's the kindest thing for all of you I think.
My sympathies on your impending loss. Its a hard thing to do and this added stress I know isn't helping.
You could ask your vet if its possible to have someone come to the house if that might work better or check for a mobile vet in your area but if she is worse at home then meds and the office visit might be the best choice.
You could see also if the vet could loan you a muzzle for the trip making it impossible for her to bite at all.
If you have not seen and the rainbow bridge story it may bring you some comfort.
This is the hardest part of having a dog I think - letting them go.
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