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treatment for raw, inflamed elbows

Resolved Question:

I have a 7 yr old yellow lab with all the typical skin problems. I now feed him Flint River food (expensive, mail order, baked, all natural limited ingredients) and Dinovite powder. I continue to battle sore spots under his neck and "arm pits". BUT the latest problem is his very raw elbows. I know large dogs rub calluses on their elbows but he is a spoiled inside dog with soft bedding. He has been on several rounds of meds to try to settle his skin down including antibiotics, steroids, yeast inhibitors and I also use a rich cream called "udder ointment" on his elbows and other raw spots. While on the meds, he gets much better, but as soon as they are gone, it all gets bad again. Is there anything I can do about his elbows? He constantly licks them therefore I can't keep any topical medicene on them. I can't wrap them because it's such a weird area. He is very uncomfortable and the licking is unbarable.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
You might find these elbow protectors useful
Or you might find buying him a couple of t-shirts to cover the area will help you keep meds on and protect the area.
I would also suggest considering allergy testing to see what might be bothering him.
You might find using Derm Caps or another product that is omega 3&6 fatty acids useful as a supplement. I'm not sure the Dinovite would do much for this particular skin issue you are seeing.
If your vet has not tested for mites or ringworm or staph or yeast then you might want to do that too.
Or you can see if using a Chlorhexiderm or Malaseb shampoo from the pet supply store helps control the skin issues.
If your vet has been unable to help you then you might ask them for a referral to a veterinary dermatologist for specialist care.
Hope this helps you!
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