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my dog is very anxious and is whining all of a sudden (this ...

Resolved Question:

my dog is very anxious and is whining all of a sudden (this is from a very happy and whine free dog) he is running from one spot to another with his tail down which is not normal.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.

How old is your dog and what breed?

What was the last thing he ate, and when?

Has he urinated/defecated normally today?

Does anything seem to hurt him? Have you felt his paws, belly, neck, etc.?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
he is 4 years old a maltese/poodle
I walked him this morning and he went 4 small times which is normal and he urinated ok, this afternoon was fine he defecated and urinated normally.
I have checked his paws, his belly,his neck. I do feel that he is unsually warm around his belly. he is breathing heavily and his heart is beating fast (but he his running from one spot to the other and its the same two spots always). A couple of weeks ago he had an allergic reaction to a new shampoo that i purchased. As soon as i saw the reaction i bathed him quickly and called the vet...they said that bathing him was ok but to put something to soothe the itchyness and the redness. I put neosporin on. Now under his belly is slightly red and he is itching again but before he didn't whine.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
oh he ate his normal pet food its not a new bag, and i put out a fresh bowl of water every day. H wasn't like this, this morning he walked ok this morning but this afternoon as soon as i walked in i could hear him whining and barking....barking is something that he doesn't normally do either...what is worrying me is that he is walking with his tail tucked down
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
he had fleas early aug and i used 1 treatment (1 month of frontline) no more fleas
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
but i am noticing that he is scratching under his belly
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
even now taht everyone has gone to bed and he too is in bet he cant seem to get comfortable he moves back and forth and whines
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.
Hello again, and thanks for your additional information.

There's no doubt that he's uncomfortable, or in pain, and may be itchy under his belly again. His tail being down may indicate pain in his bladder or intestinal tract, even though he urinated and defecated normally, today.

There is a condition called 'bloat', which can affect dogs; the stomach twists in on itself inside, and causes discomfort and pockets of gas to form in the abdomen. Usually, the stomach may appear bloated, but bloat can occur without an obviously bloated belly, also.

If you have an ER vet center in your city, I'd recommend an immediate visit. He will be evaluated and treated, to help him feel better. If you don't have an ER vet center in your area, look in your Yellow Pages under Veterinarians, and find listings with 'emergency hours/emergency phone' and call until you find someone to come into the office for you, or to make a housecall.

I hope he's feeling much better once he's treated by the vet!

Cher and 4 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
is it fatal, can he die, i dont have access to a vet right now do you think i can give him something to make him feel better he is burping alot more then normal
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i have called 4 different animal hospitals they are closed at this time what else shall i do
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.

No, unfortunately, there's no pain reliever you can give him, as human meds are toxic to dogs unless given under specific circumstances, under a vet's supervision.

You CAN give him one tablet of Gas X or Phazyme with simethicone, which will help decrease the gas he's experiencing. These products are available in in all supermarkets, pharmacies, 7-11, Walmart, etc., whatever is open now, if you have none in the house. Some forms of bloat do require surgery, and others are may resolve with other treatments. I'm sorry I can't tell you for sure he'll be alright without a vet visit, ASAP. Did any of the vets you called, have a referral to another vet or emergency vet center on their recordings? Keep calling all the vets in your phone book and see if you can't find one with an 'emergency' referral phone number. If your problem is transportation, can you ask a neighbor or friend to drive you to an ER vet or any vet's office if they'll agree to see you?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you
what do you think aobut zantec that is all i have here
no transportation is not a problem they nearest one open is about 1 hour away
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
and what do you think is causing so much scratching?
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.
Hi again, and you're very welcome.

Personally, I'd make the hour trip, but of course that decision is yours.

Zantac will help reduce stomach acid, and is not the first choice (Pepcid AC would be better for acid), but if it's all you have, give him one tablet (regular strength) and see if it decreases his symptoms at all. Also, gently apply some warm compresses to his stomach, but don't put too much pressure. This might help alleviate some of the gas.

The scratching may be an allergic reaction, a reaction to just ONE flea bite, if he's super-sensitive to flea's saliva, or he may have contacted something outside like poison ivy or poison oak, or another allergic type plant/bush. Continue to put a thin film of Neosporin or plain Vaseline on the red/itchy areas, to help alleviate the itching for now.

It's also possible he ate something he shouldn't have and is having an allergic reaction, plus intestinal upset, with gas.

Please let me know how he's doing tom'w and what the vet's findings are. Thanks! I hope he's feeling better real soon!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you so much
i will
good night
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.
You're very welcome, and thanks for your accept.

I'll look for your update later or tom'w, on how he's doing. Just click 'reply' on this request for information.