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Why is my parvo pup not pooping

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My puppy with parvo (diagnosed without an actual screening by a vet that also mentioned a few other viral infections that were possible - the vet treated him for the symptoms) isn't pooping and hasn't since Sunday night, but is finally peeing regularly after being able to keep fluids down. Is it normal for this since he isn't eating much solid foods (I have force-fed him mashed rice, cottage cheese, and raw egg in small amounts over the past 2 days), and mostly just consuming large amounts of fluids? I read somewhere about how parvo can cause the intestines to twist, and I am afraid this might be a cause even though he seems to just be tired, not in pain. He is a five-month old Chihuahua named Trogdor, and he is my's been killing me to watch him go through this.

It is not uncommon for a pup with parvo to take several days to actually make a stool. Usually the problem starts with completely liquid diarrhea, and the intestines are basically empty. Once they are able to start holding food down, we start by only feeding small amounts. It isn't unusual for it to be 2-3 days after starting food before an actual stool is formed. I even see this in adult dogs recovering from diarrhea from whatever cause.

Yes, it is possible for pups with parvo to develop intestinal issues, but what we see in those cases is delayed recovery, or recurrence of vomiting after they seem to be doing well, and loss of appetite. If your pup is continuing to eat, and isn't vomiting, and is gaining energy back, then I would keep plugging along. A BM shouldn't be too far off. If he ever starts vomiting or looses his appetite, you should recheck with your vet asap.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Wow, I have great news. My Trogdinator pooped was encased in the dead blood, because the outside was black, and being a concerned mama, I broke it open to see what was inside. It was soft but not loose, greenish (like even humans get when sick), and worm-free. He is also eating and drinking on his own again, although he is particular about what he eats for the time being. The only problem left is his body temperature regulation, he sivers the majority of the time, but I am keeping him covered up and think he will become normal again after he gains back his lost weight and energy level.

Thanks for your reply, I am so happy and so relieved to see my baby acting like his crazy old self again. :) I kept notes on everything he did and everything I was doing to share with others in hopes it helps them with their parvo puppy.