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What causes swollen neck glands in dogs

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Sudden onset of neck swelling, glands feel balloon like, noticeably hanging from throat.
Allergy like symptoms as of late
There are several things that can cause swelling under the jaw.
A tooth abscess often leads to swelling under the chin or jaw area.
There are salivary glands that can become blocked leading to swelling as the saliva backs up.
There are lymph nodes in the corner of the jaw that can swell due to infection somewhere in the dog's system.
A foreign object such as a splinter can cause swelling and infection.
If the dog has been sneezing and is an older dog this might be due to dental disease as abscesses can also drain into the nose area.
You should plan a vet visit to have this checked out by your vet.
Hope this helps you!
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He's just turned a year old, his teeth are great. We live in southern Arizona and my concerns were either an allergic reaction to something or perhaps anything related to west nile virus? It definately feels like his glands and like I said it was sudden. Could it be allergies? the skin beneath his neck just hangs with the bubble like swelling "floating" in center, no sensitivity. eating and drinking, even playing/chewing with toys? Best way to describe appearance is like that of a croaking frog...
Not so likely to be allergies as that usually causes skin issues in dogs, but it could be a sign of an infection such as the fungal infection Valley Fever.
And if he likes to chew sticks or bones it could be a splinter or bone chip went in the tissue and caused the inflammation.
An insect sting or a snake bite might also cause sudden swelling and there are salivary glands under the tongue that if blocked would cause swelling there.
I'd suggest checking his mouth if he will let you for anything under the tongue area even a small pin prick looking hole.
If it was glands they are more towards the rear of the jaw bone.
If you fear it might be an allergic reaction to a sting or bite then you could try some plain Benadryl with the minimal dose being 1mg per pound of dog every 8-12 hours.
But I'd plan on seeing the vet with him. If you use the Benadryl be sure to tell the vet when and how much you used.