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my dog ate my shoe what do i do

Resolved Question:

My dog ate one whole flip flop. He has ate stuff before and its been fine but when i came home from work today there was clear vomit all over the house and thats when i found out he had ate the shoe. He is now restless and his tonue is twitching about every 10 minutes or so. He's a 90 lb dog and most things he eats he either throws up or it just comes out. Hes never acted like this so i don't know if i should wait it out since eats everything or take him to an emergency vet.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Joan replied 10 years ago.


This is considered one of the emergencies where I would get to the Er Vet ASAP. They may be able to remove the pieces before the dog will need gasto intestinal surgery if you get him in now. They can use an Endoscope to try and recover the pieces before they start a complete blockage. Joan jav917

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