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How long does a female Pomeranian teacups period

Customer Question

How long does a female Pomeranian teacups' period last for and how often is she to get her period in a year as this is her third period and she's only a year old.. Also please tell me when is the right time to have her neutered? The vet's receptionist told me I am to wait 3 months 'after' shes in heat.. How do I know when shes no longer in heat as she has been agressively humping her soft bed's pillow for the past 4-5months since her last period in April/May??..
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Sally G. replied 10 years ago.


There are four stages to the heat cylce , the first proestrus will last form 4 -10 days and you will seen a bloody discharge. The second stage estrus, can last from 4-13 days and the bloody discharge will turn a pale yellowish color. This is also the time the dog can become pregnant. The third and fourth stage abor absically inactive and can last from 50-80 days. Each dog is different in the amount of time each stage lasts. I would watch for the first two stages and count eighty days from there and then make the appointment.

Heat cycle