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My dogs eyes are both bloody red looking where the

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My dog's eyes are both bloody red looking where the whites of the eyes are. It appears to be under the tissue and looks more bloody than the typical blood shot eyes. It's on the top portion. He pulls when we go for a walk but not enough to cause such a harsh reaction. What could cause symptons like this? It literally looks like there is a film of blood right under the tissue of the white part of his upper eyes. His behavior is perfectly normal. No temp. No indication that it bothers him. He is not squinting. They appeared like this in a manner of a day. The two things I know is we went on a long run through the park where he pulled the whole time; which he always does and he went to doggy daycare which he loves. He plays with other dogs that are non-aggressive and the daycare does not take them on walks or anything like that. Could this blood appearance be from strangulation of some sort? Is there a disease or someother possible explanations other than pulling on walks?


There are many reasons for Bloodshot eyes in your dog. Unlike people, dogs and cats have third eyelids, which are designed to protect the eyes from foreign objects. Sometimes debris get trapped under the lid of one of the eyes, making the eye sore and irritated. Foreign bodies in the eye is the most common cause of bloodshot eyes. When both eyes are bloodshot something is happening elsewhere in the body. Dogs with allergies will get red Bloodshot eyes. High blood pressure in your dog may be a cause for the eys being red. If the eys continue to stay red through the weekend I would see your Vet. on Monday, unless there is anything else that is not right, then you should get in sooner. Joan jav917

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks Joan! This is a big help because it does appear to be the third eye lids. Blood red in both eyes. I am going to the vet on Monday and in the meantime and I am going to do some more investigating as to possible causes internally that could cause such a bright red blood look in case I should take him sooner than that. Blood pressure and allergies are a great start. I really don't think this has anything to do with his pulling on the leash.

You have been a great help!!


I would appreciate an update when you take him in. All you have to do is hit reply and and you can post an update for me with the Vets. findings. Joan jav917