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dog quivering lip (lower jaw)

Resolved Question:

toy poodles, 2 of them, age 8. Have noticed each of them as they do it occasionally. One of them rather frequently now, maybe once or three times in an hour... then maybe only seen the next day again. Sort of like it's cold outside and your teeth chatter... however here in Central Arizona... haha, it's not cold.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
Huhvuhvuhvuh type action of the mouth in a dog with chomping or chattering of teeth can indicate the dog has picked up an odor it wants to taste as well as smell. Female dog's urine particularly if they are in heat can trigger this or the scent of a female in heat in the air.
Sometimes they will respond to a scent change in urine due to sugar or infection this way also.
This action brings the scent to a spot in the roof of the mouth called the Jacobsens organ or vomeronasal organ which is an extra sensitive smelling area that appears to allowed detailed review of the scent being picked up. This organ is believed to be especially important in the detection of pheromones such as are found in urine.
So that is one possibility.
Another is that there is a dental issue. Sometimes dogs chatter like that if they have a dental infection or periodontal disease.
It is also possible its a sign of a mild focal or petite mal seizure. Those are particularly prone to cause facial movements.
Hope this helps you!
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