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Bully Breeder, Veterinary Assistant
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itchy bright pink belly on basset hound what is it

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My 6 year old basset hound is very itchy the last week and a half or so. She has a bright pink belly now. It started off as slightly more pink than normal with numerous small dots that I dismissed as sandfly bites (as we have a ton up here in Northern M,B.) after about 2/3 days it was super bright pink, and she is scratching everywhere and scooting her bum across the floor. Would like to know what it is and if contagious as I have 3 very small children who are always cuddling, laying with her, and letting her lick them.
Hello, it sounds as though she is having an allergic reaction to something in her environment. This type of reaction occurs most when there are fleas or other biting insects in the atmosphere. A lot of times dog that have this reaction are not infested with fleas but rather are bit by one or two fleas and then the reaction just blooms like crazy. I would try and give her a Benedryl at this point to see if this helps out some. The dose is 2mg per pound of body weight given every 8 hours as needed. I would also try and give her a bath to see if you can get any of the irritant off of her skin and help control the reaction. If this does not help out or she becomes worse I would see a vet tomorrow for a skin scrape and other possible exams. Usually the contagious things are associated with scabs and flacking skin not just irritated and itchy skin. There is not a lot of skin conditions that are contagious to people. The ones that are are usually cause by Sarcoptic Mange which makes dogs hair fall out and get scaly itchy skin. This sounds more like an allergic reaction. I hope this was helpful but if you need anything else please be sure to let me know.
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